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debt and taxes take three quarters of your lifetime income

The average American will spend ¾ of their lifetime earnings on interest related to debt – and on taxes.  That will leave them with just ¼ of their lifetime earnings for lifestyle and retirement.  It’s no wonder life is such a financial struggle for so many.

If you could eliminate just 1/3 of the lifetime cost of interest and taxes – you would have twice as much money for lifestyle and retirement – without making one dime more income.

Imagine that!  What could you and your family do if you were debt-free and paid fewer taxes – that you can’t do now?  What kind of retirement could you look forward to?

Getting out of debt requires just two things:  A resolve to get there, and the acquisition of knowledge that lenders have used against you.

The ‘resolve’ is up to you.  The knowledge element is where we shine.  Let’s start a conversation and see if we can get you to Live. Interest Free!

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