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401k Penalty

401k Penalty I’ll often work with a family ready to reduce their debt burden and discover they are also putting a few hundred dollars a month into the company 401k plan. When I ask them why they are saving with a 401k, the most common answer shows a concern for the...

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Why the Rich Get Richer

Why the Rich Get Richer? Imagine you found a rich person to take on all your debt in one fell swoop. Presto – it’s gone from your life – and reappears on the books of your rich friend. What would they do with their new debt problem? You might say, ‘who cares,’ as long...

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Why pay interest to someone else?

Why pay interest to someone else? When you pay for an item using a credit card (or any other method that incurs debt) it is for convenience. You need the item today but don't have the necessary funds. The lender agrees to pay the total amount and in return, you agree...

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