How it Works

We’re on a crusade to help people get out of debt quickly and painlessly. We want you to succeed – and have assembled the plans and the professionals to ensure you get there.

The PayMaxx plan from Live Interest Free

Our PayMaxx plan is designed to assist clients in paying off their debts as quickly as possible so they can move on to other financial priorities in their lives. The plan relies on three elements:

1. The ‘strategic payoff order’ which is determined by computer models that compare three different time-tested concepts to arrive at the most time efficient strategy to pay off debts. The shortest time to debt freedom also means the lowest amount of interest paid, generating the greatest interest savings for the client.

2. As debts are paid off, freed-up monthly payments – or ‘rollup payments’ – are applied to the next debt in the strategic order. Between the ongoing minimum payments, the accelerator amount and rollup payments, debts are paid off very quickly. While Accelerator payments are not required to make the plan work, they significantly compress timelines and increase overall savings.

3. A monthly or periodic debt Accelerator’ amount, determined by the client, creates ‘extra’ money to help accelerate the payoff process. Accelerator amounts are applied to debts in plan’s strategic order to optimize the payoff schedule.

Our experienced Debt-Freedom Coaches work with you monthly to reconcile account balances, make debt payment on your behalf, and manage the application of both Accelerator and Rollup payments until you are debt free. If adjustments are needed along the way – they help you flex your plan to achieve the best possible outcome based on your needs and abilities.

See how the program works in this short case study video.

No! Our program doesn’t require you to make huge sacrifices or punish yourself. We’re using math to make the most of your income and get you to debt freedom as quickly and as painlessly as possible.
Perhaps – but without the benefit of a computer-driven, optimized plan, D-I-Yers only get 50%-70% of the time and savings benefits the PayMaxx plan delivers. Besides, as a done-for-you solution, PayMaxx clients don’t need to spend time re-allocating payments or mustering the discipline to stay on-course.

Once you’ve decided to move forward by paying your Enrollment Fee, you’ll work with your personal Debt-Freedom Coach who is employed by our partner organization. They will help you gather details on your debt accounts. They’ll provide a schedule of payments, for your approval. You authorize them to make those payments on your behalf. They manage the details of the accelerator amount and the rollup payments in accordance with the Plan schedule – and before you know it – voila – you’ll be debt free.

You will provide limited authorization for your Debt-Freedom Coach to make payments directly from your designated bank account to enrolled creditors (along with your monthly fee) – period. We’ll recommend you set up a separate checking account for these transactions and move money into that account as needed to cover bill payments.

Before bills are paid each month, you’ll get a ‘draft schedule’ by email from your Debt-Freedom Coach showing what bills and amounts are scheduled to be paid that month. Before any money leaves your account, your authorization is required. If any changes need to be made, you’ll get an updated draft schedule reflecting those adjustments. You’ll also receive a monthly report documenting all payments made. Additionally, you have online dashboard access to all your account activity 24/7/365.

NO! Debt consolidation is a fool’s game. Lenders trick you with a lower interest rate, or a lower payment – that may have you in debt longer or paying more interest overall. Our goal is for you to send LESS of your hard-earned money to the banks – not more. Debt settlement programs can tank your credit score and charge outrageous fees. Our program is for those who owe it – who are committed to paying it back – but who want it to go faster and be a little less painful.
Student debt is the kind that’s usually the most oppressive – so we really like getting after it and sending those lenders packing! After all – you have a life to live – things to do – people to meet! We’ll help you get it gone – and move on with life!
Absolutely – while they remain in deferment, your plan can focus on other debts, then reprioritize those student loans as they come out of deferment.
Zero interest debt still requires a payment – so they still steal income from your paycheck each month. Most people want the debt gone – and the income back. If that’s you – then YES – enroll those zero-percent cards! What if there is a change in an interest rate or minimum payment
Been there – done that. But you have a choice. Ignore your problem and cross your fingers that you hit the lottery – or get help. We’re really good helpers – and we’re not your grandma – we never judge or lecture – we just fix!
You bet – many clients use our program for both business and personal debt. It works just as well but may take a little more ‘accounting’ work to keep everything straight. If we pay bills from separate business and personal accounts, there is a nominal upcharge.
Let’s talk. You certainly can – although in many cases, we’ll share information that may convince you it’s not in your financial interest to do so. It’s really more of a personal preference than a program issue – but we think an informed decision is a wise decision.
Unless you have an emergency and no other way to cover an expense, we recommend that you not use the credit cards you enroll in the program. Most clients have another card they use for daily purchases and pay that card off each month. If necessary, however, your plan accounts can be adjusted with updated balances.

Suspending your accelerator amount will move your debt-freedom date into the future. However, if you need to take some time off – let your Debt-Freedom Coach know in advance, and they will adjust the payment schedule accordingly. This plan is for your benefit, and because life sometimes gets in the way, flexibility is a built-in feature.

You can always change your accelerator amount. Just remember, raising it will shorten your pathway to debt-freedom, while lowering it will push your debt-freedom date further into the future.

If you have questions about the plan prior to enrolling, your Live Interest Free representative is there to help. If you have questions related to the program once you’ve begun, you’ll have direct access to your Debt-Freedom Coach who will help you through anything you encounter.

Get a CASH grant applied to your debt!

If you qualify for the Live Interest Free program and choose to enroll, we'll award you a cash grant of $750 to $2500 applied to your debt to speed up your journey to debt freedom!

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