Imagine your life without debt...

Free from Student Loans

“My older brother was 30 – and still paying on his student loans. He hadn’t been able to do the things a 32-year old should do – get married, buy a house, drive a decent car. And here I was – in the same boat – just 8 years younger. I thought it was going to be the same for me.

But then a friend introduced me to Live Interest Free – and now I know for sure I’ll have my student loans paid in 4 years and I’m projected to have $22,000 in my bank. Not bad for a 26-year old.”

– Alicia B.

Money for Retirement

“Marsha and I have been debt-free for nearly 2 years now – and have been able to use our bank to buy a new car. We’re looking at using our bank to buy a retirement condo in Florida and the idea of having a large down payment and paying interest to ourselves wasn’t something I could have imagined before we ran into Live Interest Free.”

– Henry P.
Terre Haute

Security for Your Family

“When a tree fell on our roof – we realized we knew we were in trouble. Insurance covered most of it, but we’d have to come up with the money to – literally – keep a roof over our heads. The credit cards were maxed, and our score wasn’t good enough to get more. We got help from a family member – but the hole we were in only got deeper.

Live Interest Free showed us a different way. Today, we’ve paid off about 40% of our debt and we have money in the bank. Things are looking up for our family.”

– Jackson and Latrice

See how the program works in this short case study video.

Take Your Life Back

“As a single mom trying to pay off debt, save for retirement, and live a hectic life, I was committed to years of payments and overpayments before I could start saving effectively. This program took those same payments and reduced my time in debt from nearly 10 years to just over 1.5. The result was life changing. I can now envision the future I’ve always dreamed of.”

– Jodi

Finance Your Business

“As an entrepreneur, I had spent all my retirement savings – and then some – growing my business. During the tough years we lived off of credit cards and ran up quite a balance. Now that money is coming in, we were still struggling to put money away and still pay the bills.

This program showed us how to make our money do two things at once. It also showed us how to accelerate our debt payment and free us from the bondage of interest. As a result, I now see a future where debt is not a problem.”

– Dave

No Sacrifices

“We were really trying really hard – skipping a few simple pleasures to pay a little more than the minimums on our debt – thinking we could get out of our financial mess with brute force. It was working – but it was painfully slow and the sacrifices we were making were making home life pretty tense.

Live Interest Free gave us the relief we needed – and there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

– Loretta K.

Get a CASH grant applied to your debt!

If you qualify for the Live Interest Free program and choose to enroll, we'll award you a cash grant of $750 to $2500 applied to your debt to speed up your journey to debt freedom!

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